for Contemporary Not Ageing Architecture

Our role as architects is in the first place to advise you ! The next step we hope that you will instruct us ... but not the other way around. From only 150 Euros (see column below right) we will come out to advise you, whether it relates to problem solving, improvements, renovations, extensions or site assessments and new designs. Alternatively you can come to our office for a consultation free of charge. We will be delighted to assist where ever we can!

Kerry based dod-architects is a very dynamic Architects office with over 30 years of local experience in high quality Residential, Commercial, Interior and Landscape Design in the Cork and Kerry area. We specialise in Contemporary and Traditional Design Styles with a high ergonomic input, maximising  insulation, day-lighting and site orientation for best living conditions and thermal performance.

Whether in  traditional or contemporary architectural style, we aim to  blend our designs into the  local environment complimented with, if the budget allows,  bespoke landscape designs to give your building a sense of belonging and making you feel at home in your own environment. Architecture does not start nor end at your front door, the site should be an integral part of the design creating external space as an extension of the interior environment.

You are most important to us and we use our architectural design skills to maximize the end result within the budget that you have set yourself and to make your dream come true.